Projet bureaux et commerces OFFICES AND BUSINESSES

The headquarters of a company is perhaps its best showcase. Intelligence develops through exchange, which is essential for such activities. A well-designed working environment promotes fruitful exchanges. This goes beyond mere ergonomics, technical and economic choices, which are important..

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Projets équipements Facilities ( factories, education, ecclesiastic )

These projects are dear to me, as they have enabled me to demonstrate the polyvalence of my inspiration and my hybrid training as both an artist and a technician. Art and imagination in the service of the machine, technique and productivity.

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Projets résidenciels  Residencial

Residences constitute by far the area where I have managed to give free reign to my eclectic inspiration. They range from terrace roofing a hipped roof. From classical French style to modern and contemporary style. Each project is different and personalized
I react architecturally to the different periods of my life, to the experience gained and this being the result of a long exchange with the client.
You cannot talk about an architectural work of art without associating nature and its reflection, which is the landscape. Architecture and the landscape are inseparable both from the outside and the inside. They are interactive. Architecture is felt when the exterior, the environment, the building and the interior vibrate in unison.

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